Praying Otter

behringer-Q502Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know I’ve just taken ownership of a Behringer Q502 mixing desk. Last night , full of excitement,  I looked forward to recording episode 69 of The Dick Turpin Road Show.  I should point out that everything was fine with my Fedora 19 machine as I had spent the whole of the previous day doing test recordings.

Knowing from bitter experience that kit and systems can let you down when you most need them around 6:30pm I set about setting up my systems for recording. “Oh no?” the network is not working on the Fedora box? Now I know I could have restarted the network but hey, let’s do a reboot anyway. Still no network? OK, lets not faff about, I don’t really need Internet access on this machine as in this instance it’s just a large, if expensive, recording device. “Oh no?” I can’t mount /dev/sdb1? keeps moaning about FUSE? Did modprobe fuse, nothing? And this is where I save the recordings! Lets look in Settings. Hang on, it can’t see my network card, sound card or recording device? This is serious!

PartedMagicSo there I was boys and girls thinking “Looks like no recording tonight?” but hey, we tdtrs’ers are made of sterner stuff! I whipped out a Parted Magic Live CD to see if the hardware on my motherboard had failed. Nope, boots fine, I’m on the Internet and can play music. Parted Magic is pretty much a self-contained distro anyway with a browser, tools and most of the features you find on any basic Linux release. “Right lets download Ubuntu.” now that may surprise some people as I have been tagged as an Ubuntu hater, which is pretty unfair tbh. I don’t hate the distribution as such I just hate the cobblers that comes out of Canonical and the Ubuntu community about it. Anyway, I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 to /dev/sdb1 (Which can be mounted I hasten to add) then used xfburn within Pmagic to burn the iso. Rebooted with the 12.04 Live CD so now we are running Ubuntu in memory.

Networking is OK as is sound and I can access /dev/sdb1 right lets install Audacity (To memory remember) Cool, Audacity sees the Q502 and is recording device. Changed the temp location for Audacity’s recording within preferences to /dev/sdb1 as it was using memory then Matt and I prayed that my 8GB of memory didn’t run out as we set about recording EP69

Suprised CatAll in all this proves the saying “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Hats off to Ubuntu for a reliable distro, for Live CD’s and Matt’s encouragement of “The show must go on!” Sadly as of this moment I have no idea how to fix my broken Fedora I may well have to do a fresh install of something? 🙁

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