Well sadly there it is folks. We failed to meet the target of £700 for sending The Dick Turpin Road Show to FOSDEM.

We did however raise £368.00 which equates to 52.57% or as +Thomas Heine said “Over half the target.” We did have 24 people contribute, 1,039 visits and 399 referrals. On a personal level I’d like to thank each person who donated. Regardless of the amount. You’re an awesome selfless person and I appreciate the effort you all made in an attempt to get not only myself but #tdtrs  to +FOSDEM

Thankfully (Read that as you will) only +Matthew Copperwaite will be there to represent us so if you was planning on buying me a ginger beer buy Matt one instead. To all my friends that are going (A fair few are not on G+) I hope you all have a fantastic time and once again thanks everyone for your kindness.

If you listen to Episode 67 of The Dick Turpin Road Show when it is released you’ll hear that I will hopefully be thanking you all personally in my own famous way.



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