Mwahahahaha it’s Friday the 13th today a day when a lot of people are convinced bad things happen simply because supposedly 13 is unlucky and especially on a Friday, huh? What I always find fascinating about this concept is the amount of people who are supposedly atheist or at the very least agnostic are generally the first ones to start going “Oooh Friday the 13th I think I’ll stay home today!”

I simply cannot understand how people can say “Yeah, come on. There’s no such thing as God, you really think there’s some beardy bloke up there watching and controlling us?” and yet believe in magic, witchcraft, ghosts and above all good and bad luck. These are a clear indications of mankind’s lack of self-confidence “It was just bad luck I didn’t get that job.” or “I fell off the ladder shattering my spine because of that mirror I broke last Saturday.” we have this ingrained need to believe something outside of our control is manipulating us, this is why religions are so successful they thrive on fear, insecurity and above all superstition.

So if you believe in Friday the 13th you must also clearly believe in God.

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