I have no issues with paying for anything FLOSS related or GPL’d my issues with this #ubuntuedge  campaign are;

1. It’s a mobile phone, I have no interest in mobile phones, the vast majority of the FOSS community mainly develop desktops and or servers so will potentially only have a cursory interest in a mobile phone. I honestly cannot fathom the excitement at this move away from what we have all been doing for the last 10 years to a totally different environment.

2. I’m totally against the form and method this campaign has taken. The business world already views FOSS as twelve year old bedroom hackers, and this just makes us look like a charity case. A company like Canonical should have funded this themselves, they should have arranged for 10,000 units to be built and sold them on a pre-order basis. Clearly Mark Shuttleworth actually has no faith in this concept at all as he was not prepared to gamble his money but more than happy to gamble with the Ubuntu communities money. Personally, IMO he should hang his head in shame for cynically playing on the fact that the loyal Ubuntu user base was obviously going to dip into their savings at a time when the world is in a recession and everyone is feeling the credit crunch.

3. It is painfully obvious that the vast majority of people including Ubuntu users actually have no idea about this campaign other than“They want $32 and you can have a phone.”I’ve seen over twenty posts both on G+ and Twitter from people who are convinced there is actually a phone that they can buy now! Why do they think that? Because of all the images of people holding a fake#ubuntuedge  phone!

4. There is far too much vapour-ware from Canonical or bullshit if you prefer. It’s getting to the stage whereby I wish the whole pack of cards would come crashing down because it seems to me the only thing keeping Canonical going these days is hot air and bluster! As the old saying goes “when the money runs out you’d all better watch out!”

5. I have done sales for over 30 years now. I know sales I know marketing. Yes they’ve had some column inches over this but a mention on the BBC and a report in the Daily Telegraph does not pay the staffs wages! SALES pays the wages, MONEY pays the bills, hard CASH pays for development. I suspect there will be certain people will still be stupidly saying “Ah but look at the publicity we’re getting” while filling out their Job Seekers form!

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