Maybe it’s time to stop being lovey dovey and time to put the business hat on? If I was a senior manager at Canonical there’d be some serious debriefings this morning.
“Only one $80,000 donation? Why only one? Who was talking to corporates?”“Who was looking after the $7,000 option? It’s only $7,000 for pity’s sake! Surely out of a global business world you can fined more than several?”
[Several actually means nothing, it’s like saying many years or a number of years it means nothing. People generally use it to con you into thinking it’s more than it actually is.]

“20,000 backers. 20,000! There’s over seven billion people in the world? What was you doing? Targeting Brighton?”

“Who was looking after the Persone Piccolo? $20 and $50! How hard can it be to get $20 out of our community? What the hell was the Loco’s doing?”_
[With my FOSS hat on I’m not happy about this one but as a Manager I think it’s a valid statement.]

I can think of more but I’m not doing Canonical’s job for them without some sort of consultancy fee. 🙂

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