I arrived a tad early last night, so early in fact I was the only one there. I noticed that The moon under the water was rather busy and made my way to the bar. After waiting for what seemed like ages I asked the barmen for a Pepsi with ice and lemon (They don’t do Coke?) “We don’t have any lemon” he said, this is a good start. As he proceeded to pour from the dispenser he walked off! “Hmm?” I thought “I bet it’s run out?” yep it had, but he said it would only take a couple of minutes.

We waited and waited and waited and then Amo (Amrik Singh) arrived “Hey Amo what are you drinking?” I asked. “Pineapple and lemonade please” Said Amo. The barmen then started looking all over the place like my dog looks when he can’t find his ball! “You’ve not got any pineapple have you?” I asked, “No we haven’t” after asking Amo what he wanted instead I asked for a lemonade.

The barman then informed me there would be no pepsi so I said I’d have a lemonade as well. Blow me if he then seemed to have issues with the lemonade! Finally, drained by the experience we sat down with our drinks.

A little later Alex (Alex Wilmer) had a chicken and (Bacon?) toasted sandwich, the chicken was cold? Alex sent it back but they said “It’s supposed to be cold” Erm? How come the cheese and the bacon is warm then? Alex ate, I wouldn’t have.

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