How to add an iSCSI device to Proxmox 2.1-1

First Add iSCSI device.
ID: Pick a unique name for this storage
Portal: IP address or hostname for your iSCSI target
Target: After you have entered a valid IP or hostname in Portal you just pick the LUN of the iSCSI target you want to use.
If you don’t see anything here you haven’t configured the iSCSI services correct on you NAS.
Nodes: All (No restrictions)
Enable: Check
Use LUNs directly: Check

Second, add LVM group on the iSCSI target.
Click ‘Add LVM Group’ on the Storage list
As storage name use whatever you want but take care, this name cannot be changed later.
For ‘Base Storage’, use the drop down menu to select the previously defined iSCSI target.
For ‘Base Volume’ select a LUN
For ‘Volume Group Name’ give a unique name (this name cannot be changed later).
Enable shared use (recommended)

You cannot use iSCSI for backups you will need to use NFS for this.


  1. My VMs are not able to ‘see’ the lvm groups created as above. Any ideas how to make them do so?

    I have 2 CentOS vm’s on proxmox ve.

    vgscan/lvscan do not show any lvm groups I have created in the proxmox host.

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