Rathole Radio is a fortnightly Internet radio show featuring the best in new music from around the web, with occasional interviews and exclusive live performances to boot. Most if not all of the shows content is Creative Commons however please abide by the artists preferred License conditions.Since it’s humble beginnings in 2009 the show has spawned annual live events generally held in Liverpool UK.
The show is presented by Dan Lynch, a musician, geek and podcaster.

I used to do a review of Dan’s podcast where I would give my personal thoughts on each song, it was actually a lot of work getting all the artwork and writing it all up and so I stopped doing it. Dan loved the ‘Thumbs up’ element of my reviews (At least that’s what he used to say.) so I thought maybe I could do a cut down version with just the thumbs up/down element.

I have no association with Dan’s podcast other than being a fanboy, this is just my opinion, just because I don’t like a song does not mean you wont so don’t bother getting the hump with me. 

RatholeRadio 79 – 27th May 2012

00:00 – Juanitos – Sai-k-delic Party – CC BY Licensed – Thumbs Up

06:03 – Binary Zero – Dirty Clouds – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Thumbs Up

09:15 –  The Monster Brothers – Sack Of Bones – CC BY-SA Licensed – Thumbs Up

16:47 – Sophie Ballamy – My Friend, The Moon – License Unknown – Thumbs Up

20:04 – Bryyn – Laws of Physics – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Thumbs DownThumbs Up

29:32 – Raphaël Chassigneux – Marina la lama – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Thumbs Up

30:57 – The Stirrups – Best Times – CC BY-NC_SA Licensed – Thumbs DownThumbs Up

39:11 – Tijana Bass – Face Of Freedom – License Unknown – Thumbs Down

45:53 – LIVE SONG – Listener’s choice (kind of) – My haphazard version of “White Room” byCream. – Thumbs Up

51:38 – Sam Page – Lottery – License Unknown – Thumbs Down

61:28 – Emerald Park – Reality Bites – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Thumbs Up

“All musical styles have good and bad within them. Genres are pointless. Forget pigeon holes and embrace new sounds. You might discover something you like.”

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