So I just severed the link from G+ to my account and will not be posting on there again. I’m pretty depressed the service that was the bastion of freedom now seems to be a playground that may only be enjoyed if you abide by rules set by other users rather than the developer. I’m so glad nobody on G+ starts bitching “Your posts are too long” or “Sick of the crap you post” I’m saddened people think it’s okay to use hardware for other purposes than it was designed for, and willing to use software and code for purposes that it was not originally created for and yet feel that it is not acceptable to try to write messages that are outside the 140 character limit, in my world that’s called double standards.

Evan Prodromou, the man behind did a poll the other day asking basically if the users wanted a change. One of the questions being “Like Twitter 140 characters” of course this (So far) has the most votes. Do you not realise folks you are voting to keep on using floppy disks ffs! Maybe you’d like to go back to using the limitations of cassette tapes? The service was fun when it started and most of us abided by the 140 rule simply because we only had two choices Facebook or your own Blog. I like others liked the idea of FOSS social network service, most of these services grow with their user base and the users expectations Facebook and G+ are forever rolling out new features to enhance their member’s experience however a minority on seem determined to stifle growth clearly this is about control. True I have not been’s best advocate of late pointing out on numerous occasions it’s short comings and failures having said that this did not stop me continuing to show support for it by using it however clearly I was mistaken in making sure friends I’d made could still receive my musings even if I wasn’t physically on the floppy disk service. No it would seem the only way you can stay on there or at the very least have anyone communicate with you was by sticking to Users rules.

Yep I am pretty pissed off, I am right so don’t bother trying to tell me I’m wrong. If you want to enforce rules on me or anyone else you need to re-evaluate your freedom membership. At the end of the day all you saw was half a message for Christ sake! If that was me I’d either ignore it or take the piss but I suppose some people have nothing better to do than piss on other people’s parade.


  1. Pete, Now that I see your reasons, I understand why you are making this choice, even thou I disagree with it. Personally, I like the 140c limit because it created a *different* sort of conversation. It forces me to be concise, and have short, meaningful exchanges. It allows me to be flippant, witty, snarky, and many other things.
    Despite all that, I agree that if you feel that our choice to remain with 140c is being forced on you, then you are right to leave, but I can tell you, you will be missed.


  2. Well you’re certainly not wrong, this is problem when the majority of the user base is a group of people afraid of change. If I were Evan I’d say fuck them and make the changes anyway

  3. Completely agree Pete. I set up a new account a week or so ago to try it again, but it’s just not the same (layout/slower), and in some cases it’s exactly the same (stuff people say/cliques).

    I wish just a couple of my old buddies were on G+, but can’t change that. Probably won’t continue with ID though.

  4. It’s going to sound arrogant of me to say this, and maybe I am arrogant, but I prefer to be perceived that way than to waste my time reading paragraphs and paragraphs from people who don’t understand the value of brevity. Most people are not trained writers and therefore don’t realise how important it is to communication to get to the point. Were it not for the 140-character limit, I would likely not be following 95% of the people I am following because they are not professional writers. It is precisely the 140-limit that *allows* me to follow ordinary people without getting indundated with inanity. It’s a signal/noise issue. If you don’t get that then of course the 140-character limit seems like an imposition. Most non-writer-type people need to be saved from themselves in order to successfully keep my attention. And if you are a writer type and can be trusted to write long non-boring things, then you can just link out to them on your writer’s blog or whatever. If I follow the link and it turns out not to be a waste of my time, I will follow your links again in the future.

    So I see nothing stopping people from sending me longer content despite the 140-character limit. Everything you say is not automatically interesting to anyone: and thus the longer it is the more it contributes to the problem of unwanted noise obscuring the desired signal. This is the entire and only valid explanation for the limit. It is specifically designed to control other people’s excesses for my own benefit.

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