Having purchased https://www.tdtrs.co.uk the guys on the podcast wanted me to set up an email account using Google Apps. “It’s dead easy” Matt said, yeah it’s dead easy once you know how!

The help files on 123-Reg I suspect are about 5 years out of date so while Google Apps says “Paste this code in a text file against your DNS entry” we mere mortals just sit looking at our screens with a slight tear streaking down our face. Having spent an hour searching the web I managed to work it out from a hint on a forum that mentioned the @ sign and a site that talked about the verification process with some obscure domain name registration company.

While at the Wolves Lug meeting I relayed my tale of whoa to the guys and how I resolved the task Dave Morely said “I take it you’ve documented the process?” Erm Ooh.

So folks here’s a fast and furious guide;

First step is get the verification code from the set-up within Google apps (Do not close the window/browser as you’ll need to come back to G Apps) from another browser tab or new window access your 123-Reg control panel. Go to ‘Manage DNS’ scroll down to the ‘A, CNAME and TXT records’ section, now you will see two boxes with a drop down menu in the middle. Change the drop down to TXT.

In the left box type the @ sign, in the right box paste the code from Google Apps verification it should look similar to this.

Now scroll down some more and click the button “Update DNS”, you should now see the entry added to the list. Go back to the Google apps tab and click “verify” hey presto you’re done.


  1. Thanks very much this article finally solved my verification problem, I wasn’t putting the @sign into the name 🙂

  2. Thanks – really useful. You’d think Google would pout something up to assist with 123-reg after all they do the appalling fasthosts

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