Last week I saw some messages on hinting that @andyc @davidmarsden and @reality was planning something, obviously the first thought was that it was some sort of perverted ritual in a burnt out Vauxhall involving meerkats or some other innocent furry animal, however it transpired that a new podcast was set to hit the interwebs.

I’ve always liked Andy’s posts originally they was very hard hitting although he seems to have mellowed a bit lately maybe the reason for that was the Baskerville incident? Who knows? Dave seems to me to be the classic mediator very calm and great fun to follow, Luke is a lunatic! I think I rememberer asking Andy when Luke first came on the scene “Is he on drugs?” so given these three reprobates track record I expected nothing less than a re-run of The Young Ones.

Getting the podcast is no mean feat, if you type tinap (tinap = this is not a podcast) in Google you’ll get which is totally wrong what you need is Now the guys as far as I know have no intention of doing this seriously although I ‘m sure Mussolini said he wasn’t all that fussed about Abyssinia? So I honestly wasn’t expecting anything of lets say BBC radio 4 quality and I was not disappointed, the sound presentation takes a little bit of getting used to. I saw @fabsh’s post about it and wondered what he meant, I soon found out for myself.

The guys are using Skype, which I personally have no problem with, they are also (at the moment) record in stereo which silly as it sounds is the root of the problem you get Andy in your right ear and Dave in your left ear, given the silence/pauses this is a little disconcerting at first especially when Luke suddenly drops in on your right ear “Where the hell did he come from?”. The quality of the sound is pretty much what you would expect from a Skype recording like most idiots my initial thought was “This is rubbish its like being on a conference call” but then I realised that was the point as Dave had said “It’s three blokes down the pub” and they just don’t have the kit for the minute to clean the sound up more importantly I have always said “It’s what a person says rather than how they say it that’s important” so with that in mind lets take a look at what the lads have to offer. The first outing was Operation Sandbags At Dawn which I thought was a brilliant title the presenters set out their stall and gave us a run down on what we had in store I really like the running order list on the website I found myself following it and doing a sort of virtual check mark as went along, this is no mean feat to be honest not only in creating it but actually sticking to it.

Episode #1 was just over an hour long which is long enough in my book having said that most podcasts start out an hour long and end up like Encyclopaedia Britannica. The topics covered as you’d expect included Linux and Open Source stuff but here’s the twist they also talked about to be precise peoples dents (dents are what Twitter calls tweets) Oh all right they talked about @fabsh and his now world famous #fabalanches this is a master stroke in the world of podcasting there are a few podcasts about podcasts but nobody has done one based around microblogging before.  This is very galling to me personally as its obvious the guys have been living in my brain the last six months and stolen part of an Idea I have been working on I have to say for me the funniest part was when the fire alarm went off it was one of those moments you just couldn’t make up.

Not content with making small children cry and kittens to sew themselves into sacks and shuffle into the canal the lads sought more lambs for the slaughter and produced The Awkward Second Episode As they indicated this is like that crucial second album where you either hit the big time or bomb like whale pooh. Given that they talked about Arch Linux this scored them lots of brownie points in my book, I have to say the sound sort of improved for me now that might be that I switched from VLC to Amarok but I’m no sound expert I just listen.

I’m not going to give a blow by blow of what was said and by whom as I’d be here all day what I will say is it is well worth a listen and like all first timers they are getting better not that they stank in the first place. I’ve seen lots of people offering help and advice via so the show will only get better.

At the time of writing there was no MP3 format just .ogg this makes the freedom lovers very happy and the “I don’t care about freedom I just wanna listen on my ipod” people like me slightly miffed. Its an interesting point actually should the producers make sure its available in every format or is it the consumer who should convert it?

You can add the feed to your feeds list or use something like Gpodder


  1. Peter

    Many thanks for taking the time to write such a lengthy, considered review. I think you captured a lot of what we intended with tinap. The spontaneity, the crap audio, the stereo/mono but as you said, if you can stomach all that, it really about the words, the identiverse, the impromptu fire drill and having a laugh down the pub.

    It was never intended to be a polished, professional podcast – more of a ‘live rehearsal’ and ‘an exercise in abject terror’ but I think we all had a lot of fun and learned a lot from doing it.

    We never gave any thought whatsoever to publicising the podcast or how people would ‘discover’ it other than dent’ing about it and hoping for organic growth. To be honest, I’m staggered how many people have listened to it.

    Our principled stance on Ogg only, no iTunes was more borne out of laziness rather than freedom loving puritanism but we’ve now relented and have made versions available in MP3 and Mono – thanks to valid feedback from listeners.

    I hate to disappoint you but the detailed ‘running order’ (down to the last second) isn’t created before the show which we then religiously stick to the topics. It’s merely a list of amusing sound bites created retrospectively as an aide-memoire and input into the longer show notes.


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