Before I start let me just say “I know nothing about mobile phones” true I had a job in 1987 selling the dam things but that was when they was three billion pounds and you needed a low loader to carry the battery!

I’ve been chugging along nicely with my Nokia 6300 I mean it can make and receive calls and does texting as well thing is I keep hearing Android this and Android that even podcasts are extolling the virtues of owning one I decided it was about time I joined all the cool kids. As I’m really anti contracts my choices to a certain extent was limited I’m not going to fork out £400.00 for a mobile phone so I have been waiting for them to “Come down in price” as some of my friends have suggested.

Then someone on suggested the San Francisco from Orange at a ridiculously cheap price of £99.99 on pay-as-you-go this had to be an ideal choice for me. After cruising the Interweb and looking it over a few times I decided to pop into my local Orange shop, now I have to say that ours is very poky given the size of the town get more than four people in there and its packed!

Low and behold they had one on display, I’d taken my daughter along for moral and technical support as most parents will know asking your child to come shopping with you when there is nothing in it for them is like asking them to cut the lawn guaranteed to get you placed in an old peoples home at the earliest convenience. So I turned to my daughter who was furiously texting on her Blackberry Curve and said “What do you think?” she said “Get it go on, it looks OK I suppose” cheers honey that’s a great help.

Now the shop has two employees honestly for the last four odd years I’ve only ever seen these two guys in there so I tried to gain the ones attention while he dealt with a family who, well it seemed to me, was trying to pull a fast one. They had this phone that “We want to set it to factory default and we don’t know how and cant find the handbook” the shop assistant seemed to be having trouble too and was on the phone to Orange the family was shifting back and fourth and eyeing the door I presume in the event of  a hasty exit being required?

After standing holding the sweat encrusted smear stained demo phone at the maximum extent allowed by the high tensile steel security cable for ten minutes I was starting to get a bit peeved to be honest I really cant, as a salesman myself, understand how customers can wait even three minutes let alone ten a couple more minutes passed and I’d had enough like some diva I flounced out the door muttering “That’s a sale you’ve lost there” feeling confident that when I got home I would see on the television that the failure to secure my £99.99 had forced Orange to go into receivership I drove home muttering oaths and voodoo curses.

Of course by the time I got to castle Cannon I really wanted the phone, could I make it back within fifteen minutes before they closed? I doubted it so had to wait for Sunday morning.

Sunday morning: Clutching my old phone and a fist full of used tenners I entered the shop determined that I was going to be served;

Me “I would like this phone please”.
Assistant: “Oh PAYG”.
Me “Yes please”.
Assistant: “Come and sit on this chair labelled cheapskate” (Not really)

So the guy takes my Nokia and pulls it apart, writes down some numbers shoves it all back together and says “That’ll stop working in a while seeing as you’ve transferred the number” he then produced a large box which had my new phone in it and some gifts which consisted of a watch a pack of playing cards a Yoyo a keyring rubic cube and one of those phone sock things.

“You have £1.50 in your phone fund” really? how nice “That’ll be £108.49 please” I paid my money then escaped as quickly as possible seeing I was convinced he was about to spit on my shoe or something I got half way up the town and had a slight panic attack what was I suppose to do with the sim’s? Was I supposed to stick the Nokia’s one in? Was there anything special I had to do? I went back to the shop by now the assistant was on the phone so I asked his colleague “Excuse me do I stick my Nokia sim in this phone?” The guy that served me bellowed “No stick the one in the box in” I scuttled out tail between my legs.

The guy didn’t show me anything he never switched it on, took me on a guided tour just sort of “Here’s your phone, give us your money, now push off” maybe he did hear me on Saturday when I flounced out the door? Who knows point is I got home with a phone that I knew and still know nothing about but wait it gets better, a few hours later my phone said “Tough luck buster no more credit no ringy ringy for you”. What? I put £10.00 of credit on so I ring up Orange now its says “Free to call” yet when I rang it said “This call will cost a one off fee of 25p do you wish to continue?” of course I do as you can guess I was put through to Orange support Delhi I explained everything and that my credit had not appeared.

“So Mr Cannon you have put £10 on your Nokia and you would like to buy a new phone?” WTF? “No I had a Nokia and bought a new phone with £10 credit but the phone says its all used up” I could write about five paragraphs on this phone conversation but you would get bored suffice to say I went to an Orange shop near where I work and you’ll never guess the answer, in my wallet I had the receipt for the San Francisco I showed it to the assistant “This is your credit Mr Cannon they should have either put it on for you or told you to put it on when you got home” WTF?

I’m now a lot happier with the phone I’ve not ‘rooted’ it as I’m scared of turning it into a brick my only complaints so far are;

  1. I want to add my own ringtone for texts but cant find a way to do it.
  2. The phone seems to not automatically connect to my wifi at home I have to do it manually.

Other than that I really like it maybe I’ll look at customising it in a month or so.

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  1. Glad you eventually got your android phone. that same recommendation spurred 5 of our lug members to buy the San Francisco too.

    I believe so far 1 has rooted it so far. do not think anyone has tried putting froyo on it yet.

    chances of bricking the phone while rooting are very slim. as long as you dont flash the bootloader u can easily reflash the rom from recovery menu. more details (

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