The ipod touch is fixed “Hurrah” PC World rang and summoned our presence along with any paperwork.

Clutching a carrier bag containing the speakers we entered the mystical world of ‘Tech Guy’. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Dave break the 100 meters record and vault over the Mac display tearing down isle 4 to the bottom of the store and as far away from Hannah as possible, I could see in his terrified little face that the trauma of his last meeting with my daughter had still not subsided and I suspect he will be in therapy for many years to come.

“Hi we’ve come to collect our ipod” I said to Colin who apparently was here to serve me which was a novel idea given he was behind a counter with a till come computer on it. Colin said “Sign here” now that’s an even more novel idea sign before I’ve even seen the ipod let alone turn it on. “No I won’t sign for the minute thanks lets see if it is fixed shall we I have my daughters speakers here”. Colin of course no hated me with a vengeance and was probably wondering how he could gob in the ipod or wipe a bogey on my receipt.

Colin must have been taking lessons from Dave as he too snatched at the carrier bag and made a huff sound that definitely translated into ‘pain in the ass’ after going through the ritual instructions for switching on and listening we was happy, for the minute, and I duly signed Colin’s red tape.

Back in the car Hannah said “Where’s all me stuff gone? And what’s this rubbish wallpaper?” It would seem fixing the ipod consisted of formatting it! Oh and apparently smearing as many sweaty manky fingers as possible across the screen. Fortunately it was fairly straight forward putting her stuff back on and she can now leave it docked with no buzzing.

A couple of days later while on my way to bed I noticed Hannah’s bedroom was emitting a white light “Great she’s fallen asleep with her bedroom light on” like the good environmentalist I am I went in to switch the light off “Aaaarrrgghh Bright ligh bright light” no dear reader the bedroom light wasn’t on but the display on the speaker could have been used to flush out Manuel Noriega! how she can sleep with that shining out is beyond me.

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