The volume of Chakra comments has been steadily increasing over the last month or so, for those who don’t know Chakra is a KDE module Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, I have installed it a couple of times and run it ‘Live’ from a USB drive but that was when it first came out. The previous method for getting the image on the drive was to use Unetbootin on Linux or Win32-image-writer on Windows however the project appears to had dropped that method and gone for a isohybrid based method.

For reasons that are not important I decided to go the ‘Windows’ method this required me to obviously download the iso then download isohybrid and dd for Windows I stuck them both in a folder C:\dd then opened a console and did cd c:\dd and ran the first command as per the Chakra wiki. OK so I got the ubiquitous Mr Anvin welcome screen and? Well  that’s just it, and? There was no activity or progress bar and no blinking light showing activity on my HDD? “This is not working I’m sure of it?”, with a shrug and a sigh I issued the dd command back came the message “Get lost something else is using the file!” what? Maybe I shouldn’t have issued the isohybrid and dd commands separately maybe they was all in one go so to speak?

After 3 reboots, ergo three tries, I gave up and copied the iso over to my Dell Mini 10 that’s running Ubuntu Lucid and is the machine I wanted to have a look at Chakra on. The idea was that I would now try from Linux, having checked that I have isohybrid installed I discovered it is in fact part of syslinux, thanks for telling me, which was installed as was dd so it looked like we was good to go. I issued the isohybrid command “Never heard of it mate?” what? Yes apparently there is a bug #553581 which supposedly is fixed but I reinstalled and still had the problem.

I did try and get the patch but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how, oh and then couldn’t find my Launchpad login details and slowly the day went from bad to worse. Having wasted three to four hours I gave up true its possibly down to my machines but I would have thought the Windows method would have worked? Thing is I cant be bothered now so will probably have a play with openSUSE 11.3 instead which is sad for the project.

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