One of my daughters had an ipod touch  for Christmas it was slightly poorly in that only the default apps would work anything new that she purchased off itunes refused to work. I sorted this out by formatting it then resetting it [Do not use or recover from the backup it will have the corruption on] everything seemed fine and she was happy using it as a social networking, music and gaming device.

For her birthday she decided to buy a docking station come speaker unit it seems a decent enough little unit for the price she paid so we get back home from PC World and she plugs everything in, “Dad, the speakers are buzzing” sure enough there was a horrid buzzing sound when the ipod was connected this seemed to be related to the charging you could literally see the connection between the buzz and the battery charge pulse image.

I plugged my ipod 30GB in, no noise. Plugged my other daughters ipod touch in, no noise. So it had to be the ipod not the speakers, filled with dread I made my way to that font of all knowledge PC World Customer Services. Out trundles one of their Tech Guy’s I explained the issue to him whereupon he says “Ah well you see this is the problem with these modern devices, all this multi tasking puts a lot of strain on the hardware” Really? I said warming to the humor that I know is about to unfold, “Yes you’d be surprised at the amount of worn out units we see, basically people have worn them out by using too many apps all at once”.

Of course I didn’t let on I was in IT myself as that would spoil the fun so I nodded like window licker and stared at him faining awe at his breadth of knowledge. “We will have to send it away” Oh dear “yes it will be anything from 7 to 28 days” can it be repaired then? “Well its is a highly technical piece of equipment they will have to test it obviously then worse case they will have to open it up” OMG that sounds very serious “Yes there are a lot of delicate and intricate parts inside its a very specialist job thats why we send them away”.

It never ceases to amaze me the rubbish PC World people come out with one of my favorite pastimes is standing next to them as they sell the wrong kit to some poor 78 year old. Its painfully obvious there is a badly shielded cable in the ipod which is causing interference with the speakers so all this cobblers about multi tasking and wearing parts out is just Mr Tech Guy building his part up and have more respect for them if they said “Do ya wanna go large on that?”.

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