A recent post to a mailing list I belong to got me thinking, what’s your definition of membership? It would seem some people think, for example, if you are on a Lug’s mailing list yet live in outer Mongolia then you’re not really a member, the same, apparently, can be said for meetings attendance “He never comes to meetings” apparently this denotes non membership or at the very least some sort of lower level of acceptance.

I’m on about four or five mailing lists some are based down South of the UK I post now and again to them yet I am very active on the IRC channel, am I less of a member because I live 130 odd mile away? I’ve always said “The world is my Lug” trouble is others don’t seem to hold the same opinion.

So what is your definition of a Lug or community member? Do you have to fulfil some sort of quota system to enable you the right to have a voice?

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  1. i can relate to this – there are no LUGs near enough to me. we kinda have a LUG, but only because a bunch of my buddies run linux and we just hang out together.

    i find that being part of the Linux Outlaws forum/irc is very useful and enlightening. considering that i have never been a part of a real LUG, i can’t really say how this compares – but i find it adequate.

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