This time around I was not able to join in the fun that can be had by attending the ‘Live’ recording of Rathole Radio basically it was a Bank Holiday Weekend and the family decided to “Do something” on the Sunday evening. Pleading and offering bribes failed to work I did consider having a non-fatal injury which would force me to stay at home but that’s just silly.

So this review will be slightly clinical in that I have no IRC anecdotes to colour my comments with and no pre-show party stuff just plain old thoughts on the songs and anything Dan says.

A slow piano backed jazz song, quick as a flash out came the dark glasses, black, beret, medallion and Gauloises cigarette. To be honest my [eyes] ears sort of glazed over so even after 30 seconds I cant remember much about the song let alone the lyrics. there was I suppose a nice ‘mute’ trumpet playing throughout the song but over all slow jazz tunes have never really been my cup of tea.
This one gets a thumbs down Thumbs Down
Classic 70’s type Reggae tune, now this was a bit more like it. Dan had me ‘shaking my botty’ with this one. funny really when I was younger I liked Bob Marley and a few others but I was not a heavy reggae fan, these days I really like the beat of reggae songs maybe its nostalgia seeing as there are not many reggae songs in the charts these days. I don’t think Dan has played a bad one yet. This song should have you singing along with the easy to remember “No more fighting” repetitive lyric.
This one gets a thumbs up Thumbs Up
Next up was a track billed on Jamendo as experimental, instrumental, melodic, chiptune, 8bit, which means absolutely nothing to me. It sounded like an electro-funk track with games console beeps and squeaks the perfomers website says “SH music could be described or labelled as many different types of music..heavy rock music, electro-rock music and in some instances 8bit rock. All in all the best way to describe SH music is to say that it is all straight from the heart.” I thought it was awesome and had me wanging me glow stick round. Make sure you checkout the website its has that awful 2000 “Enter here” front page but the site is pretty cool if you have sound.
This one gets a thumbs up Thumbs Up
Dan introduced these as an Australian rock band with an amazing production, he said the opening few bars sounded Indian but to be honest it sounded more Arabic to me? Maybe it was the heavy electric Sitar sound? After a few bars the sitar died away and we was into a standard ‘rock’ type melody which then went back to the sitar/Indian/Arabic chorus again. Strangely, as Dan had warned us, the closing section was a classical melody with violins and cello’s, I think? Overall a pretty interesting track and well worth a listen if only for the musical blending.
This one gets a thumbs up Thumbs Up
This Hip-Hop track blended well with the previous song Dan did a really good job of fading out TenPennyJoke and fading in this track “Ten team points there Dan” as most of you know I’m not a fan of this type of music I’m sure Dan just plays it to aggravate me? In the typical vein of rap song it was riddled with expletives (Cos it makes the song better right?) If you like this sort of stuff good for you if your like me its just “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”
This one gets a thumbs down Thumbs Down
Make Us Stronger by Pedalboy
Next up was an acoustic track, nothing special here basically some geezer singing along with his guitar, course he tried to jazz it up with emphasised halts for like 2-3 seconds and then a heavy strum re-entry to the song which for me was ‘fail!’ I’m afraid it did very little for me it wasn’t awful or anything just average.
This one gets a “Meh” Thumbs DownThumbs Up
Boats (Swept Away) by I Am Not Lefthanded
OK I admit defeat, I’m starting to like this band now. Well to be more truthful I’m starting to hear more tracks that I like. They have done a couple of stinkers in my opinion but this is not one of them. The song starts out mellow but strong and builds and builds as it goes along which is right up my street, I think I said in my last review that I could see them singing [The reviewed song] at Glastonbury this one would/should be their signature song, you can just picture Jo Whiley saying “And here is I am not left handed with, (pause for effect) Boats”.
This one gets a thumbs up Thumbs Up

Live Track “Half The World Away” by Oasis performed by our Dan Lynch

Zero Three by The Lone Gunmen
So Dan basically said “Its my show and I’ll play what I like” which filled me with trepidation, this was a very heavy drum base beat track featuring some now famous recorded snippets of a child actually talking to planes from a control tower while his dad nipped off to get a sandwich!
Actually it worked pretty well to be honest normally this type of thing would not be in my listening category maybe it was the intriguing “0  3” speach snippets?
This one gets a thumbs up Thumbs Up

The Mystery Song
All I Dan knows is that the file is called “georgew.mp3”. If you know where it’s from and who it’s by please let me or Dan know.

I liked the indie feel start to the song OK its another political song that Dan favours but it was pretty good with strong guitar and drums over all I liked it.
This one gets a thumbs up Thumbs Up

So with six thumbs up Thumbs Up two thumbs down Thumbs Down and one “Meh” Thumbs DownThumbs Up looks like another good show hit the Interwebs, shame I wasn’t there to join the fun.

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  1. Glad we’re growing on you!

    Another nice review – I think we agree with you about some of the things you’ve said. We think Boats is our best song, it’s definitely our favourite! We always finish our shows with it, and I think if we can try and make everything else we write as good as boats, then we’re doing well.

    The world certainly doesn’t need any more stinkers ;-P

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