glowticketYay! My Rathole Radio ticket arrived yesterday with a nice little note come letter inside which everyone is getting this a really nice personal touch I think and a testament to Dan’s character in that he really appreciates each and every purchase.

Big Lynch’y has flogged his guts out, and bank balance, to get this event staged and as I’ve said £5.00 +£1.50 admin fee is a pathetic sum to pay for what will be a great first night for what should be an awesome Open Source weekend so don’t say “I’ll buy mine closer to the date” get your credit or debit card out now and head over to buy your ticket today unless you want one of my world famous withering looks?


  1. Thanks Pete, much appreciated. I’m interested to see what the world famous look is like though, save that for the night 😀

  2. Depends on what you play, a thumbs down is nothing compared to a withering look! Small puppies cry, hoodies scurry in the carparks and small countries surrender at the very mention of ‘The Withering Look’ :-/

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