Yes its true, I’ve swapped from Joomla to WordPress. I had around a five year love affair with Joomla for my personal site but to be honest over the last couple of years its been ‘overkill’ for my requirements these days I just want to write something and post it, now I’m not saying you cant do that with Joomla its just that it cries out to be tinkered with, I had so many modules and components that was disabled the whole site was just bloat.

The professional way would have been to set this site as “Down for maintenance” while moving everything over but I’m not that bothered I’ll fix everything as I go along, for my part I’m over the moon I have a nice clean template that I’ve customised added some plugins and imported (hopefully) all my posts from the old Joomla site. I want to put back in place “Favourite Podcasts” and Favourite Blogs” plus the ‘Tabbed’ stuff I used to have if anyone wants to give me some help with that I’d appreciate it. So I’d best crack on and get my images up and fix all the broken posts.

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