So another fortnight has passed me by and its RatholeRadio night once again, for someone who’s first comment to Dan was “Free music is so bad I’d rather scour my eyeballs with a brillo pad” I seem to have become a regular in his front room. This will be my third review now and having given it some thought I realised I was reviewing the songs rather than the show, that in itself is not a bad thing seeing as about 87% of the podcast is purely music but it’s doing Dan an injustice seeing as it’s his show that’s bringing unknown bands to the great unwashed.

You can tell that Dan has done this sort of thing before or at the very least has had a long association with broadcasting he seems to run a fairly professional session and I think there has only been one or two glitches as you’d expect given his background the sound quality is excellent.

All ControlAll Control by Professor Kliq
An excellent electro beat mix, this had us all waving our glow stick’s and doing that swirling hand dance routine definitely my cup of tea and a good start to the show.

ConradFooling Me by Conrad(Pedalboy AKA Matthew Good)
Pretty easy listening piano song sort of Sunday afternoon chill out tune, I liked it.

ВОЛАНДМузыка by ВОЛАНД(Voland)
This was the Russian punk band Dan warned some of the listeners about while it was slightly hard core I liked it as a sort of ‘one time listen’ what I mean is you could listen to it once and like it, hear it a second time and I think you’d probably hate it although some would hate it right out the starting blocks.

Bill HicksJust A Ride by Bill Hicks
This was a comedian doing, er, his act. Sorry Dan not my cup of tea.

Our Question Is by The Lone Gunmen
This track was not my cup of tea although it should have been, but I found it pretty boring and would file it under free music I did my best to try and track down some links for this band, Google is rammed with Lone Gunmen links so I’m totally stumped I’m afraid and Dan didn’t post any links either.

Joanne WestonI’m Not Ok by Joanne Weston
So apparently this is Ade’s (Bradshaw) flatmate, I shall resist all the usual innuendo comments. Another easy listening track but in my opinion it was in a different league to ‘Fooling Me’ which we heard earlier, a very nice melodic voice clear and crisp vocals. I liked this one.

I Rap Black by P.E 2.0
Erm a rap song, I’m not a big fan of rap songs I think there has only been a couple that I’ve enjoyed one was Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and I forget the other for the minute so I’m afraid its the Biro in the thigh on this one Dan.

BartaBarta by Hypocrites
Dan raved about these but I thought the song and arrangement was awful it was a sort grung meets Nervana car crash. The singer was pretty good and the ‘playing seemed OK but whoever produced it needs a smack and sending to their room. The song kept sort of stopping and starting sort of like in the 70’s when you had the “Let the drummer have a bash” section but in this case it was during the song and bore no relation to the tune. Thumbs down I’m afraid.

Live track – Dan gave a rendition of “Round Here” by Counting Crows.
This version is slightly shorter than the original as he missed off a verse at the end basically because he didn’t know the words, lol, pen and paper my friend pen and paper.

AntsAnts by Dr Octagon
A hip hop song with a rap element, given that earlier I’d said I don’t like rap music surprisingly I enjoyed this one the tune had a nice Arabian background rift which probably sold it to me. Thumbs up for this one.

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Long GoodbyesLong Goodbyes by I Am Not Left-handed
A guitar based tune with a nice female vocalist I liked it but it didn’t blow my socks or underpants off I’m afraid but a reasonable tune to end the show on at least it wasn’t some heavy metal rapper!

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