Okay okay so I went along to another evening of music and fun with Dan Lynch and his now famous Rat Hole Radio. The evening started particularly well starting out with;

EclectekWe are going to eclecfunk your ass
electronic hiphop drumnbass
This was right up my street and nearly had me jumping around the room with glow sticks. After whoops and applause in irc.freenode.net #ratholeradio not mention a lots of back slapping and “Cor that was good” Dan eased us into the next track like some professional. Professional what has yet to be deter mind though.

The Dada WeathermanPainted Dream
by The Dada Weatherman
folk blues pop rock
Yet another reasonable song, jigging around in the arm chair with laptop on my lap and head phones on the dog looked at me as if to say “Shall I bite him or pee on him to put him out?” because by now I was pretty much on fire.

Music is my lifeMusic Is My Life
by Chuckie Akenz
I’m not really a fan of Rap music there are one or two songs I don’t mind but I’m afraid this one was not my cup of tea which is interesting as it was at this point I decided to make one, a cup of tea that is.

deadbeatguitaristDon’t Come Around Here
by Steve Baer
So Steve sang to us, OK it was a recording of Steve singing, sad to say again it wasn’t really my cup of tea, I wouldn’t say it was “Get that rubbish off” bad just not what I’d normally listen to.

Alternative CosmeticsSpace
by Alternative Cosmetics
electronic synthesizer
This song started out quit mellow and I thought it was going to fall into my usual category of “Ah see free music, rubbish, what can I say” but it actually got better by the end even if it was a long time getting there. Not worthy of a download for me but worth listening to all the same.

by Entertainment For The Braindead
OK so I admit it, this song/female singer had me going I seem to remember making some spurious comment in the IRC channel about smearing whipped cream and honey on my chest or was it a dream I had? Anyway really nice pleasant song and well worth a listen.

The Shed Collective – Unkle Perv-E – CC BY-SA Licensed
Dan did play this one I cant find it to re-listen so cant make any comment about it.

Scape GoatDices
by Scape Goat
What can I say? I hated it, I’m not a heavy metal fan and it was all I could stopping myself stabbing a Biro in my upper thigh to relieve the agony being inflicted on my ears. To be fair Dan did warn me he was going to play some metal and I suppose I cant expect to only hear the stuff I like.

Dan then serenaded us with his own version “It Ain’t Me Babe” by Bob Dylan. To be fair Dan’s not too bad a singer although I personally didn’t think much to the song but it made a nice change to have some Live music which was proven by Dan getting some of the words wrong apparently. Actually he was a bit silly to own up to it I would have been none the wiser if he had of kept quiet.

Black EraYour own purple
by Black Era
Another female singer, not that it should make any difference, bit of a strange one this one reminded me of some of the ‘Experimental’ music I’ve heard on Jamendo not amongst my most favorite 3.51 minutes spent but hey by now it was after 10pm what else was I going to do? Not worth a download but I suppose worth a listen just to see if you like it.

Dan played the OggCamp10 promo which was nice although I’m sure he based his ‘Flash Harry‘ salesman character on me so I shall be suing him based on future earnings given that he is starting to become famous in the Linux community.

CavashawnOut of my mind
by Cavashawn
We finished off with a really good track which I would have said was indie had a nice sort of grungy feel to it so made it a good choice to end the evening. Have a listen you’ll probably like this one I did.

I’m really starting to enjoy RatholeRadio to be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t listen from day one. Theres a small, friendly gathering in the IRC channel most of them are from Linux Outlaws although there are one two people who are there purely for the music, either that or Dan’s paid them to be there to make up the numbers.

Dan records the show every other Sunday Bi-Weekly, at around 9.00pm UK time you really feel that he is playing those songs to you personally a bit like having your own DJ I certainly enjoy the show, even the awful Metal rubbish. Next Sunday head over to https://ratholeradio.org/ or the live stream: and get in the IRC channel irc.freenode.net #ratholeradio I look forward to seeing you there next week.

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