Old TVI came home last night to moans that the TV was broken, given that these days most of them are software based I guessed correctly that it had got itself into a tissy fit.
So what’s that got to do with anything and the price of fish I hear you ask. The point was my wife who up until Christmas hated computers a bit like some people hate Marmite was sat watching TV on her HP 110 that father Christmas had given her.

For our family this is the sort miracle you would go on a pilgrimage to see! The wife using a laptop to watch TV, OK I’ll hold my hands up and admit that the HP 110 is running Windows 7 which of course will now make me a pariah amongst my Linux friends but the point is in the negotiation stakes I’m winning. My wife has gone from nagging us about our enthusiasm for computers and gadgets to being a fully paid up member of the new ways of getting media. In the past she would have waited, like a coiled spring, for me to get home having gone without The Jeremy Kyle Show, a daytime TV program, and wondering what people did before TV was invented.

What’s even more amazing is the speed with which she has picked things up given that until 25th December 2009 she had never so much as touched a PC or Laptop keyboard! Yet there she is joining social networks, emailing friends and family and now fully conversant with the likes of iplayer all I need to do now is get her using some open source apps for Windows and we can get her switched over to Linux.

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