Last night I gatecrashed the RatholeRadio podcast this is created by The Hubcap King of Liverpool Mr. Dan Lynch esq. I’m not a big fan of free music although I am totally in favour of the concept of free music, a heck of a lot of the free music I’ve heard on Jamendo has been pretty awful in my opinion, Jamendo is a sort of YouTube for music so you’ll get everything from the budding professional to the scary guy recording his cat taking a dump!

Dan, who is not only an avid music fan but also Co Host of Linux Outlaws, has been running this podacst for some time now and is currently on episode 17. Dan records each episode Live and has a live video feed a live sound stream and an IRC channel on Freenode #ratholeradio I’ve never listened to or attended any of Dan’s recordings based simply on my gut feeling that “It might not be your cup of tea” as Dan so succinctly put it.

But I was a bit bored and craved some IRC time but ideally at a new venue, ratholeradio seems like a good idea so I headed off for a giggle fully expecting some god awful vocalist singing about nasal hairs or a cacophony produced by some Guitar Hero amoeba in the back of a burnt out Ford Thames. I was sort of right seeing Jono Bacon was going to be a guest on the show and that Dan intended to play some tracks from his group Severed Fifth, now I’m not a fan of heavy metal so was not really looking forward to this segment of the show.

I have to say over all I was very impressed apart from one and a half of the Severed Fifth tracks (I liked the first minute or so of The Lake then it went all pear shaped) Dan started off with a pretty good track by The Heavens from Leeds which while not being my usual choice didn’t make me want to throw the speaker out the window. By the second track I was happily tapping my foot while chatting away to pretty much most of the Internet crowd I hang around with on a daily basis. Jono’s interview got off to a bad start some of us using the Live Video Feed couldn’t hear him so I quickly switched to the Sound Stream and there was those dulcet tones we all know so well, actually it made a nice change to listen to him talk about something else rather than Ubuntu or even Linux for that matter!

After the usual “Thank you luvey, Ooh what a marvellous crowd, I love you all” we said goodbye to Jono and launched into the second half of the show by now I was fairly relaxed and enjoying Dan’s laid back voice walking us through the description of the next track it almost started to feel like one of those Jazz clubs you often see on TV a few people sitting around talking, drinking and enjoying the entertainment what makes it nice is its not big what I mean is when I was in #ratholeradio there was about 20+ people in the IRC channel that meant there was a manageable level of chatter going on and it didn’t distract you from listening to what Dan was playing.

I can only see good things for RatholeRadio in my opinion it works on two levels firstly its a good place to hang out if you just want to listen to some music while hooking up with friends or if your hungry to hear groups and types of music you wouldn’t ordinarily listen to, I may well drop in again from time to time and see what other delights the big man can show us.

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