So LugRadio Live and Ogcamp is over for, possibly, another year and what phenomenal success it’s been. I have attended every LrL except 2005, volunteered for the crew twice and this year was invited to help out with the marketing which probably explains why it was such a hit.

This year was different in that LrL was a one day only event but the folk from Linux Outlaws and Ubuntu UK Podcast stepped up to the mark and filled the Sunday gap with their own event for the very first time and what a marriage it is. Everything was just, well; perfect Adam Sweet kept up tradition by arriving horrendously late and covering up the fact that he was still blindingly drunk by saying “I’ve got a terrible hangover” the Chinny Raccoon put in an appearance as well as Aq, Jono and Chris.

LugRadio Live holds a special place in the community a number of people I spoke too who was attending for the first time stated how they loved the laid back attitude not only of the speakers but everyone there, unlike some conferences the event prides itself on a Feel Free attitude, sitting in a talk you don’t like? Get up and leave nobody will mind; want to set up your own little group in the corner? Hey that’s fine too it’s this unpressured approach that defines LrL along with those who attend. The presenters yet again stated that it was the very last LugRadio Live there was even a banner verifying that statement however as you would expect the crowd refused to let them stop and so it was announced that they would attend an event next year but that someone else will need to organise it.

Finally Brunooooo was his usual hysterical self with his talk (Which was billed as Not A Talk) about communication the idea of telepathic spam had me laughing my guts out. What can one say about Bruno, I spoke to him on the stairs at OggCamp where he had just come back from buying a Wolves football shirt “What possessed you to buy that?” I asked, Bruno replied “I un-dear-stund you ave zer credit crunch I lik to elp your economee”.

Bruno, very French, very funny

As if one day of a Linux event was not enough Oggcamp on the Sunday was just the icing on the cake considering this was the first time the gang had put this kind of event on, and you could tell they was pretty nervous as to weather it would work or not, it was absolutely brilliant the format was similar to LrL but they firmly stamped their own vision of what they wanted from the outset.

Unfortunately I could only spend a few hours at OggCamp so missed half of it but I made sure I paid my £5.00 and bought a mug and had a go on the raffle the free drinks for everyone was a nice touch well done guys (and Laura).

I think I look forward more to seeing everyone I know and meeting new people more than some of the talks, some people I only get to see once a year at the show and some people like those who combined the events with a holiday and flew in from America or other places I will probably only see once in a life time. We had a conversation whereby it was felt that what other community could you walk into a room having flown in from the US and start talking to people you had never seen face to face before as if you had known them for years on a personal level?

As I’ve said many times before “The World is my Lug”.

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