My router is a Drayteck 2800n it has sat happily underneath my keyboard (on a shelf) for over a year now the only downside was that it was plugged into an extension lead so when the socket was switched on power went to every electrical item plugged into the extension.

I decided to move it closer to the phone socket in my hallway which would have the added benefit of allowing me to leave the router ‘switched on’. After running 20FT of CAT5 cable under the kitchen floor through the cupboard under the stairs then fixing the router to the wall I looked forward to an improved setup. “Oh dear”.

My two base units now play the game of “Shall I shan’t I” when booted in respect of connecting to the network or at the very least getting an IP address from the router, my laptop is playing a similar game too, wicd used to connect automatically now I have to manually connect.

My daughters have eeePC’s they use them in their bedrooms, “Dad I’m connected but the signals rubbish” how can that be? If anything you should have a stronger signal! you’re bedrooms at the top of the stairs for gods sake!

After stomping up the stairs with the ‘look of disbelief’ on my face I watched as the signal strength meter on her eeePC went from 100% to 50%, 30% then bombed through the floor. The router is now back where it used to be and everything is back to normal.

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