I installed Wakoopa on four machines two at work and two at home. Its a sort of spy that monitors what applications you use and then posts the usage results on your Wakoopa home page with the ability to spew that info pretty much anywhere you like such as Facebook etc.

Initially I saw it as a sort of novelty gimmick you know the sort of thing, nice looking logo and a “Hey look what I’m using”. To be honest I don’t look at the site much I have a quick look at the notifications on my tool bar and that’s about it. Today I went on my Facebook account which is another rare event for me and clicked on the Facebook app for Wakoopa for some reason.

Wow look at those usage stats! I had no idea just how much I actually use Open Source applications there’s some really big numbers there four and five hour stints in some cases and best of all Linux usage 91% not bad for someone who works in a predominantly MS environment. I’m not bothered that it harvests usage data in fact I’m pretty pleased its sort of documented evidence of actual usage and we all know statistics cant lie. 😉

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