I was having a ‘browsing around’ morning and stumbled on some entries that had my Nick in the information text of the searches one of the hits was UK Linux User Group intrigued I hopped over to have a look where I discovered that they are now aggregating Planet Feeds for UK Lugs.

For an information-aholic like me this is pretty awesome I already have a fair few Planet Feeds in my RSS reader (Thunderbird) and to be honest is pretty much something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I was wondering about a sort of Uber Feed given that there are plenty of Planet Feeds out there such as Planet ArchLinux, Planet SUSE and lets not forget Planet Ubuntu the Uber Feed could draw those planets in and give you one huge feed of Linux news, views and accomplishments.

True most people would not want that and would prefer to just have three or four feeds but for me and one or two others I know it would be pretty cool. Now the UK Linux User Group feed is not exactly what I was thinking of because obviously they just draw from all the UK Lugs who not only have a website but run a ‘Planet’ from that site which aggregates members websites this got me thinking about UK Lug and Lugs in general.

UK Lug do fantastic work but how many people in your local Lug actually know or have even heard of them? Go on ask at your next meeting “Hands up all those who have heard of UK Linux User Group?” I bet you get at least one person who has not heard of them, next question “Hands up all those who have visited their website in the last six months?” probably nobody will put their hand up which is a shame really. These people do a huge amount for the UK community and are the focal point for your mailing list etc, next time your having a ‘browsing morning’ take 5 minutes to look over their website its not just your distribution that needs support.

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