My daughters are proud owners of EeePC’s with the default Xandros install. They are very happy with them and don’t really mess about just ‘use them’, as you can imagine daddy is only allowed near them when there is a problem so I have no real hands on experience with Netbooks even though I’ve sold hundreds of makes and models at work.

imagewriterI decided to have a look at Ubuntu Netbook Remix to see if the girls would like it and downloaded the iso and the Win32Disk Imager as I was at work and my main system is unfortunately Windows. You will need at least a 1GB USB pendrive which was not a problem, writing the image to the USB stick was dead easy. The only thing I was unsure of was how to boot the thing, IRC came to the rescue as usual, basically with the Netbook switched off insert the pendrive press the power button and at the boot screen press ‘Esc’. This presents you with (On the EeePC) a blue menu use the arrow keys to scroll down to your device, in my case it was a Kingston pen drive, and press ‘Enter’.

UNRUbuntu Netbook Remix then boots just like any normal live CD I have to say I was pretty impressed at how quickly the desktop was displayed and the general layout for this customised version of Ubuntu. Wifi was detected and connected straight away (After giving the passphrase) typically the girls first port of call was the games section with sounds of “Ooh its got loads more games dad”.

I think the overall impression was they really liked it but for the minute they are a little reticent to install it just in case their beloved EeePC gets broken, mind you I know this bloke who does a podcast that can fix it. 😉

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