For those of you who are more observant you may have noticed some additions to my sig recently, if you have seen it then you may have guessed that I’ve been working on a project that’s now ready (Sort of) for general consumption.

Announcing the launch of ArchLinux UK

We have no official affiliation with ArchLinux ( the intention is to give UK users a *UK home* while there are micro goups on FaceBook, Twitter et al the only site I could find was a that now points to .us (Which I’ll get changed in due course. I’ve registered an IRC channel with Freenode and the site has a Forum and I will be adding more functions and features as we go along. The site is open to everyone even if you use the ‘Pooh Coloured Distro’ however we will of course make every attempt to show you the error of your ways and convert you. 😉

I am looking for help running the site, preferably an Arch FanBoy/Girl however no sensible offer will be turned down. If you know of any other Arch users “Do us a favour and pass this on”

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