I really need some clever clogs to write a piece of software with a dashboard that has all of my information in a single location.

Because I’m not a programmer I did this Mock-up to try and explain what I was after, basically I want just a notification area probably via RSS or something. It would tell me how many emails are sitting unread in various accounts I have, any new podcasts that are available, any Micro Blogs such as twitter and the RSS feeds I’m subscribed to.

I did include a ‘Submit’ element for possibly WordPress and ping.fm but the main idea would be if say I wanted to see what the 5 Emails was about I’d click on the link and Thunderbird would open to view the mails. The same could be said for any RSS stuff.

If it was a Micro Blog then Gwibber would open and for Podcasts Gpodder would open. I mentioned this on IRC but apparently iGoogle can do pretty much most of it apart from opening the various applications, I tried explaining that I wanted ‘Your Dashboard‘ to be a desktop application as opposed to a web based one but it would seem this is yet another idea that I think is pretty cool but others think is pants.

Talk about piddle on a man’s parade . 🙁

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