lrlukplasterI met up with some of the guys behind LugRadio Live at the Wolves Lug meeting on Wednesday night, Adam Sweet, Chris Proctor and Big Ron. Like most people the big question on my mind was “What’s happening with Lugradio Live 2009?”

After lots of mumblings and looking at feet shuffling to and fro the general consensus was “Um dunno really we’re waiting on Jono and Aq”. Apparently the problem is when Jono will next be in the UK? Thing is we are running out of time fast to get things organised for July, really the planning should have started the day after LrL08 finished.

The idea of having a one day event has been muted but I’m not sure thats such a good idea given that people travel from abroad for the event and I doubt they would want to spend what little money they have given the present financial climate on a one day venue.

As always I like to ask controversial questions and put it to the guys “If Jono and Aq are too busy or having difficulties now they are no longer West Midlands based couldn’t we sort it out ourselves?” obviously after asking if that was OK and getting certainly Jono and Aq’s consent. Cry’s of Plots! Plots! then ensued which was funny really so while huddled round a beer stained table we roughly mapped out some ideas just in case we get the green light.

A major problem is Jono and Aq have all the ‘Contacts’ which is vital for arranging speakers, vendors and that guy that walks around saying “I know you don’t I?” personally I cant see why Big Ron or A-another cant be entrusted with this information the thing is the ‘Call for Speakers’ needs to go out now before they all get booked up on other activities.

I get the feeling if it does go ahead we may be looking at later in the year this time around September/October seems to be the general feeling given the time it all takes to organise not to mention the £5000.00 needed to put the event on, as you can imagine the kitty stands at a big fat zero!

Apparently my role in this years offering has already been mapped out Big Ron: “Oh I’ll be calling on you all right, you can do the …… that’ll take a lot of work off my shoulders” Nice Surprised

So unfortunately its still a waiting game I’m afraid but there are plots afoot. 😉

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