Before I start let me just say that its all my fault I don’t speak or understand another language other than English. While its a little bit irritating that with the rather large amount of RSS feeds I subscribe to I get posts in different languages that I cant read and maybe miss some little nugget of info its par for the course seeing as I subscribed to the feed.

Contrary to popular belief I’m a fairly easy going guy and a strong believer in returning favours so when I get notifications from, Twitter etc. Saying “Joe Blogs is now following you” I feel its the decent thing to do and a apply a reciprocal ‘Follow’ .

My ‘followers list’ is not large in fact its tiny but I seem to get at least two or three new followers per day I generally have a quick look at their profile to make sure they’re not some sort of dubious relationship type and then subscribe. I’m pretty sure the ‘Home Page Profiles’ have all been in English, true you can see by the locations that the individuals are not potentially native English speakers but to my horror I’ve started getting tweets etc. In languages I don’t understand.

I don’t want to be disingenuous and unsubscribe but I also don’t have time to Babel Fish everything either so here’s the rub, can the Gwibber developers please write a plugin that will translate tweets etc. To your default language, oh and have some clever wizardry that if you click on the link posted in a tweet you get taken to a translated page rather than the page in the native tongue.

Not much to ask for really, is it? 🙂

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