The Twitter explosion that has currently hit the InterWeb seems to be the darling of just about everyone. The Daily Telegraph ran a full page article on Saturday extolling the avalanche success of this Micro Blogging craze.

Recently I started to get one or two strange followers not in a weird sense more of a “Why would they want to follow me?” This morning I received a notification that ‘Digital 8 Track’ and ‘Birmingham Live!’ was following me! While I like music and do go to the odd concert (Even at my age) it dawned on me that all these followers are in fact a subtle form of marketing or as some would say Spam! If like me you try to be Mr. Nice guy and have your account (, or whatever) set to reciprocal link then you’re going to be hammered to hell and back.

As an example brumtwestival has been spamming the guts out of my Gwibber. Now of course I can remove my subscription to all these add-y followers but it’s a bit of a pain. Interestingly, for me, this Twittering medium is a free Mailing List for Marketeers, got a product or service to sell? Get a Twitter, account and start pushing your stuff on to poor unsuspecting users, someone’s bound to take you up on your offer!

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