A little while ago I blogged about the fact that I thought Twitter and its ilk was a waste of time. Having given in and created a Twitter account, pretty much because most of my peers had, like the good sheep that I am I tweeted a few times but still was unconvinced as to its value in the grand scheme of things then up pops Gwibber and now everything has changed and I’m addicted to microbloging or to be more precise ‘communicating’.

  • Desktop1 Pidgin & Gwibber
  • Desktop2 Kontact (Email, Address Book etc)
  • Desktop3 Firefox
  • Desktop4 Free

To be honest its like being at a World Wide Lug all day and everyday there’s always someone with a good topic to have a two minute dialogue with. If you fancy a chat add me to your Twitter, Identi.ca, LinkedIN, Jaiku or Facebook account. Unless your name is Heidi and you will be coming to the UK soon and would like to meet men between 30-60 as you have no friends or relatives here. 😉

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