Why does Gnome get all the good stuff? I read Fabs tweet this morning about gwibber.

Now I’ve been dragged screaming and cursing into the Twitter fold I’ve started to get bogged down with Jaiku, Digg, LinkedIn and Twitter micro blogging so gwibber looked like a cool way to use one application to update all of my micro blog accounts.

Gwibber is a Gnome app yet I’m a KDE fanboy the list of really useful applications that are Gnome apps is endless, Gpodder, Banshee etc. I know I can still install them on my KDE systems but then it would make them pretty much Gnome machines with KDE desktops which is a bit like buying an Iphone scratching the name off and painting OpenMoko on it.

Come on KDE people stop faffing around with glitzy showy desktop effects and produce something we can actually use.

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