I’ve nothing against Drupal its just I prefer Joomla which got me thinking, what’s the difference? I mean too the viewer, the hapless person who stumbles on your website. Do they care what your site is? It’s the content and possibly layout they care about its not as if there is some sort of pop-up that says “Sorry this is a Drupal site and is not compatible with IE7 browsers”.

There are those in the Web Design community who hate ALL cms type websites although I’ve never been given a definitive explanation as to why its usually a fog of reasons “Well they’re not very secure, they generally don’t conform to standards” etc, etc. While I can knock a site up with Front Page or NVU it’s a bit of a pain which is why I chose Joomla I just write out a post like this within the module then publish it, simple.

jelly babiesEven so, I still think Joomla should have won I’m currently sat eating a huge bag of Haribo jelly babies here at work trying to console my disappointment that Drupal has won the Open Source CMS Awards and that Joomla took the ‘runner up’ prize.

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