Change is good, I’m not anti-change but I do feel a sense of loss when things I’ve grown used too come to and end.

preachThree individuals I’d grown to really like on IRC just ‘disappeared’; LugRadio stopped recording and now Linux Hater has posted that he is giving it all up. Now some of my friends think I’m crazy or some kind of heretic for enjoying Linux Haters blog what they cant see or just don’t understand is he is brilliant at highlighting failures and inconsistencies within our community. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again he is the best advocate for Linux, sure he zeroed in on all the failings but that should be a good thing right? I mean we surely aren’t producing crap while boasting that its “A really cool and the new hot tool to use” are we? Isn’t that what we give Microsoft a good kicking about?

I for one will miss Linux Hater, good luck to you; perhaps you might resurface in the future?

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