Most people judge everything by size “We have over 3000 outlets”, “I employ over 3000 people” and so on. I read today that the latest Kernel has 6.399.191 lines of code in it! (Excluding spaces, notes and general garbage which takes it to over a Million lines) Now I know zilch about coding but I was surprised at the behemoth my CPU was expected to process.

I got the feeling while reading the article that this was supposedly a good thing and something to be proud of, the fact that not only had this amount been reached but that it was in fact mushrooming with each new release which apparently is every 90 days or so. I would have thought that coders would be striving to reduce code/lines? Surely if there’s less to process that must mean increased throughput?

Maybe it’s the coding languages such as Java or C++, Don’t ask me what they are I’ve just heard others use those terms while talking about programming etc. So I’m just repeating them to make myself look clever, perhaps we need to invent or find a new language or method of getting systems to do what we want? How cool would that be?

“The latest Kernel has four lines of code!”


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