So the UK buyer gets short changed yet again while our American cousins enjoy a wider choice.

Given that Dell is an Irish company and if geography serves me right a little closer to the UK than the USA why is it they always offer better options and choices to predominantly American markets?

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Dell mini laptop to be released when I saw a post on a forum celebrating the availability along with a URL, which was handy, so off I popped to have a quick look. “Hang on this is Dell USA” having drooled over the wide range of different options and configurations available I jumped over to the UK site. WTF?

  • Are we offered it in ‘Ivory White’? Nope.
  • Can we have 2GB of Memory? You must be kidding!
  • OK at least we can choose between Windows or Linux surely? You’re having a laugh!

No we can only have it in Black with 1GB of memory and XP Home, so much for Dell loves Ubuntu maybe its only Americans who use Ubuntu or even Linux for that matter? Maybe Dell thinks there is no UK based Linux users? I for one feel cheated yet again how about you?

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