EPESI As a fan of CRM applications I’ve been playing around with a few recently, at the moment top of my favourites list is epesi.

“epesi BIM is an open source web based application to store, organize and share information related to your business. The basic package includes “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules which are centered around companies, not contacts.”

Its the fact that as the blurb says its centered on the Company rather than the contact this is where most of the CRM packages go wrong in my opinion for sales people like myself we try to sell to the company sure its the person responsible we speak to but its the company that buys the product or service. There’s nothing worse than one of your sales team saying “Joe Bloggs wants 50,000 units” who the hell is Joe Blogs? imagine you have 1000 companies you’re dealing with, multiply that by 3 or 4 contacts per company and you can see the chances of you having at least 7 or 8 Joe Bloggs in your database.

Now before any smart arse says “Ah but if they say Joe Bloggs from Buyit.com wants….” that’s still not right its Buyit.com you’re trading with Joe Bloggs might get knocked down by a bus tomorrow.

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