EeepcI recently joined the ranks of EeePC owners, well my daughters did actually. I purchased two of the 900 Linux versions with 20GB drives and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. So after a cursory “Cor thanks dad” off they scurried to their respective bedrooms, the next day I was presented with two disgruntled teenagers a pretty scary scenes ask any father.

NanoDad our ipods have lost all its music! We followed the instructions in the the Laptop manual and it copied our music over but now we cant play our ipods and iTunes says it cant read them either“. I tried the so called Restore feature with itunes but that failed I looked on the apple support page which was pretty useless next I tried Google with varying levels of success eventually I mailed the people at Wolves-Lug.

The general consensus was that the ipod’s db file was corrupted and that deleting it or at the very least cutting and pasting it somewhere then re-syncing it would solve the problem. OK that worked although its not as straight forward as that when I get a bit more time I will write a short howto suffice to say you’ll need another machine that does not have iTunes installed as every time you plug the ipod in itunes takes control which means you cant delete or move the db.

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