Lord Chin of Bacon (Jono Bacon) added me as a friend on his FaceBook account today, not bad seeing as it’s taken probably over a year for that lazy sod to get around to it, actually it’s rather spooky as I’ve been thinking of deleting my account.

The thing is I’ve not touched my facebook for at least three months now, to be honest I’d lost interest in it most of my friends that I email or meet on irc anyway and the amount of junk tosh I get from Facebook every time one of my friends doe’s a ‘Compare Hero’s’ test is unbelievable!

It seems the latest rage is twitter which another pointless time wasting exercise that every man and his dog is flocking to, in my opinion it’s designed purely to gain a members list which will boost the price of Twitter if ever comes up for sale at some later date. After all Facebook offers exactly the same features as Twitter “Peter is currently playing with some gung from his belly button” so I don’t see what all the fuss is about? It strikes me these websites are sort of “Flavour of the month” affairs I still have a Mug Shot account that was all the rage a little while back and I’m pretty sure there was two or three others that are now wandering the wastelands of the Gobi desert.

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