I’ve been a loyal fan and user of KDE since my very first install of Linux. My box at home has always had SUSE with KDE desktop on it I’ve been through all the versions of SuSE with its name changes spelling changes and ownership changes.

As with pretty much all the distro’s available there has been glitches and problems with every new SUSE (openSUSE) release its almost become par for the course “New release available” within four or five hours the mailing lists begin to swell with “My sound no longer works” blah blah blah. Unusually for me I was fairly excited with the pending release of openSUSE11 especially as KDE4 was promoted as the default desktop. For KDE fans like me I figured that 99% of the problems had been sorted out, why else would it have been designated as the default? Oh how wrong I was!

Kontact is my favourite application I install it on every system even if its a Gnome desktop so was looking forward to a beautiful new version, its crap, or to be fair broken. The first time I started it I was presented with what I’d term a flash screen offering to configure groupware or to skip I chose skip and Kontact crashed and burned.

I joined the throng on the openSUSE mailing list and low and behold others had the same experience.  Interestingly there was an Update on Saturday to KDE_Base which seemed to fix the crash however Kontact is still broken, if I set the default page to ‘Summary’ thats all I get a summary, I cant do anything with it other than look at it to start mail I have to click on Kmail! now that’s just as bad I used the wizards to set up my mail account Kmail said everything was fine but it wasn’t I spent 10 minutes altering the setting manually and mail started flooding in, Good you might think but when I tried to set up some filters all it offered was either Local Folder or Drafts of all things it couldn’t see the folders I’d set up.

Because I spent so long faffing around with mail I’ve not had a chance to delve into anything else on my system other than what must be a cool feature of KDE4’s applets if you right click one and say delete you get an “Are you sure?” message choose cancel and the icon disappears! That’s good int it? I checked my mails this morning and see that its all out war on the openSUSE mailing list its even degenerated to people ‘offering them out’ which in the UK means “Do you want a fight?” I suppose there will be black eyes and fat lips by this afternoon, now for me I’m not sure who’s at fault it is KDE’s fault for having what is in effect still a Beta product or is it openSUSE’s fault for setting KDE4 as the default?

I don’t feel qualified enough to make a judgment but reading some of the mails it does appear that one or two of the developers seem to have no interest or at least feelings for the KDE user. Either way it will give some of my friends hours of joy berating me for my almost religious promotion of KDE I’m waiting for the I told you so.

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