I stumbled across this *persons* blog yesterday, many of you may well have known about them for 300 years prior to my finding them but I’ve only just come across them. Now before reading this individuals blog I suggest you;

  • Clear your brain of all your Linux loyalties and read it with an open mind

The blog goes by the name of Linux Hater: https://linuxhaters.blogspot.com I’ve read all 27 posts, twice now, and have to say that a lot of what they say is, well, true! The only difference for me personally is I don’t hate them for what they are saying in fact I found it refreshing that someone was ‘Telling like it is’ without worrying if they was going to be ostracised from the community.

I cant make up my mind if they are a Windows user or not after all the writer appears to know a heck of a lot about Linux I cant even determine if they are Male or Female (Although their frequent references to their genitalia probably gives it away).

I like Linux and that’s about as far as it goes, I Love my wife, children and family so I don’t get all worked up when someone says “Archlinux is shit” thing is I personally don’t see the blog as bad thing for Linux rather the opposite actually if just one of their posts gets a developer or distribution sit up and say “Hey maybe this guy has a point” Linux

Hater will become the greatest Linux Advocate ever!

Linux Hater: Keep up the good work if there weren’t the problems you’d have nothing to rant about.

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