I hate people who do reviews on new distributions 20 minutes after the official release however I needed to vent my spleen as soon as possible with regards Fedora’’s latest offering, version 9 (Sulphur).

As far as I’m aware it was released slightly earlier than announced but I may be wrong anyway I supposedly downloaded the DVD via HTTP, I know they want you to use Torrents but they are crap in my opinion, unless you have a T1 connection you’ll get shafted most users close their connection once completed anyway, I know I do and the download speeds are abysmal compared to FTP. Anyway I left it downloading over night at work and the next day it had completed (Or so I thought) shoved a blank DVD-R in and got the size mismatch error “Hm, never mind lets carry on anyway” shoved the now burnt DVD disc in the ROM drive of my employers Dell GX150 (PIII 800, 256MB, 40GB) “And lo did it grind to a halt” at vmlinuz…….. no errors or anything just sat there like a scared rabbit caught in the headlights of my rage.

“OK I’ll download the ‘Net-install’ iso, I prefer that method anyway” after downloading and burning same thing it stuck about eight dots into the vmlinuz and refused to proceed. Now I did notice the installer dropped the background splash screen so that it was almost a ‘Text-Mode’ install could it be the Dell is not good enough? OK ripped out the hard drive containing my working Fedora 8 and shoved it into a Compaq D51s (P4 2GHz, 512MB) and away we go, plonked in the install URL and it happily chugged along. By now it was getting close to home time so I left it until this morning when I came into work it was waiting for me to re-boot.

I was presented with the new fangled login panel, I hate it, well it might not be that bad but I preferred the one I had before. From day one I’’ve used and liked KDE, Fedora 9 ships with KDE4 by default, now I know there has been lots of anguished screams about this so I was expecting huge improvements “Oh you young impressionable fool” its pants yes you can now resize the panel except a quarter of the bottom of mine is missing! I’’ve tried resizing it, the display and even the monitor all to no effect. The Icons on my applets cannot be changed I’’ve changed them but no they refuse to change then I clicked on the Trash can and it disappeared! “How the F do you get it back?” there isn’t a trash can applet in the choices so I was a bit stumped however after logging out and in again it reappeared like magic. Everything has changed of course slab menu instead of a list menu (Soon changed that by the way) Control Centre has gone its now similar to the Gnome set up. So far the only new things I’ve found is Dolphin file manager and this Clean Up tool to erase all your cookies, recent documents ect.

I did do an update, which was fun, a panel popped up saying there was updates available I duly typed in my root password and the panel closed “What’s happening?” I knew it was doing something as the HDD light was flickering away but I had no GUI progress to watch once the HDD had stopped whirring I did a quick yum update from a terminal saw there was no updates available and so presume the update worked?

I’ve only been running Fedora 9 for a couple of hours so shouldn’t really comment on it but so far I’m not overly impressed especially as I’m now running a Gnome session as apposed to my normal KDE one.

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