I still find language differences funny, not the actual languages but the subtle differences in the meaning of words. For example I was listening to the Linux Action Show last night they was discussing the up and coming release of Fedora 9 the code name for it is Sulphur now I’m fairly certain everyone knows that sulphur stinks! It smells of rotten eggs for god’s sake so why on earth would they let the code name progress? Surly they know bright sparks like me are going to say “Hm Fedora 9? That stinks it must do is code name is sulphur”. Then this morning I read a feed from Planet Ubuntu about a bus line called Fucker. The images can be found on flickr here.

251683246_fd8d9f30f6_m.jpg 2333826997_211973905b_m.jpg

I remember a few years back a UK cleaning product had to change its name as the translation of it was something offensive is Swedish I think?

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