That to be honest most of us don’t give a toss about? Anyway it got me to thinking about my own potential fame and came up with the following list;

  1. I appeared in
    for Ralph McTell’s
    Streets of London we all pranced round the school playground in a sort
    of spiral effect. I doubt you could pick me out but I was there so I suppose
    it counts.

  2. I’ve made a record I cant
    remember the title but I do still remember the words (Some of them at any
    rate) it was a Christmas song that was never released 10 of us was whisked
    up to a recording studio in London where we spent the day singing this
    bloody song over and over again. A French kid in my class had a dad in the
    record industry and asked us if we’d like to make a record? Well who

  3. I’ve mingled with the stars I’ve met a fair few over the years my father worked for a company that owned
    (Or had some sort of relationship) with a pop group called
    Dollar I know a guy from
    Dexy’s Midnight Runners I spent the day with
    Sir Jimmy Savile (I have the photo’s somewhere) the list is monotonous.

I have a dim memory of being interviewed in
a newspaper for something or other (Probably that bank job last summer) but I
think my fondest memories are People everyday we touch peoples lives
none more so than in our work. I remember a couple of years ago making a sales
call to a company I had not dealt with for over 15 years. I asked for my old
contact and was surprised to find they still worked there..

Me: “Hi xxxx not sure if you remember
me but we used to do business a few years ago”?

xxxx: “Sure I remember you how are

as you can see, technically I’m famous what about you?

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