The majority of them had no content. Luckiely I still had the original Mysql database so was able manually copy over the text for about 50 Articles which took ages, some of the original links and pages are either missing or discontinued.

I’ve got the guts of the site sorted I still need to put back some of the sections under the ‘Linux’ link I know that I should really wait untill its fully functional but I’m fed up with the length of time this site has been down. The three products, ‘Metatag Generator‘ ‘Search and Archive‘ and ‘RSS Feed‘ that I got from iJoomla do not work for the minute which is pretty annoying as the RSS & Archive cost me £30.00 each!

Interestingly the freebie Metatag Generator is the one I really need now the other two I can wait for the upgrade/fixes to come out.

Anyway I hope you like the new site I’ll keep adding to it over the next few months.

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