It's coming, it's in the trees

What’s that sound? Can you hear it? It started as a murmur you could hardly hear it above the din of others “The all new release” “We are pleased to announce” “This has got be the best yet”. It was wounded, some tried to damage it further, others wrote it off, followers left in droves but its coming! A fleeting glimpse here a whispered word there the murmur getting louder and louder.

It's not over until the fat lady sings.

I’ve been very unfaithful, yes it’s true, and I’ve been
cheating on a loyal, trustworthy and pleasurable partner who has stood by me
for the last six odd years, things have been that bad that I haven’t even taken
her for a spin in nearly six months she has lain dormant and unloved while I’ve
sated my mid life crisis lust on another! Convincing myself that it’s just a temporary
thing until October when all will be well.

vulture-rabbitPoor old openSUSE what have you done to be so badly treated?
Well I could moan about updating or accessing drives, I could perhaps use the
Microsoft/Novell deal as an excuse? But my lame
reasons are that for me personally I started to get this feeling that openSUSE
was heading for a downward spiral there was constant bickering and in fighting
on the mailing lists, people leaving Novell left right and centre and vultures
circling ready to pick over the wounded fluffy wabbit.

But then I began to notice small changes around three months
ago, I still keep up to date via the mailing lists and RSS feeds and of course the
next release 10.3 due some time around October has been on the cards for a
while but what’s really grabbed my attention is the work being done on the
website/s. I’m pretty certain the first change I saw was the creation of the
on-line build service it can build packages for various Linux distributions.
Then came along openSUSE News , providing the latest news related items.

opensuse-org Today I received a further
bit of information 1-Click Installation it’s a really easy to use installation
and software search portal. Given the proposed improvements with openSUSE 10.3
and the on-going changes being made to the various portals, websites
and wiki it looks to me like things are looking up again for this fantastic
distribution. I’m still going to wait for the next release but now I’m even
more excited, just goes to show It’s not over until the fat lady sings.