I stumbled across this site https://zx-81.com now I seem to remember him owning this domain name, or at least a similar sounding one for which he just used to use for mucking around. For me personally the site is a little confusing and navigation seems very poor for such a talented guy. On the other hand if it is in fact the man I know then its hardly surprising. Sparkes always struck me as one of those disorganised geniuses, you know the type books and papers strewn everywhere, utter chaos yet they can put their hands immediately on whatever you want.

Because the site is so rambling, disjointed and swirls about you like a fog I reckon it is him, I’m slowly reading through his rants which for me was always the most enjoyable side of his personality on more than one occasion I was subjected to one of his tirades which at the time was upsetting but later on you realised it wasn’t personal it was just Sparkes being Sparkes.

Hop over to his site and take a look you’ll be rewarded this man knows how to moan!

Sparkes! is that you? Get in touch you old tart Tongue outTongue out

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